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Tennga RV Consulting is pleased to offer maintenance services for Blue Ox tow bars.

As an Certified Blue Ox Service Center, we aim to provide a rapid turnaround time for these services, but please call ahead for a time estimate. In addition to maintenance, we also offer a wide range of other Blue Ox products for sale. While we primarily operate as a mobile service, we now have the capability to receive towbars shipped by customers.

Blue Ox is the top choice of RVers.

No matter what your towing needs are, Blue Ox has a solution for you. If you have been around RVs any length of time you have seen Blue Ox solutions for all towing needs.

Blue Ox designs and manufactures the best towing products in the industry.

Look around and you’ll find Blue Ox towing solutions on highways, campgrounds, and anywhere you find people traveling through life in the great outdoors.

Blue Ox has a solution for everything you want to tow.

If you want to tow a car, a cargo trailer, travel trailer, or 5th Wheel trailer, Blue Ox has a solution for you. From our award-winning tow bars and innovative baseplates to a full line of sway control and weight-distributing hitches and 5th wheel hitches, towing doesn’t have to be a drag.

Can You Back Up With A Tow Bar?

Do not back up with the tow bar still connected. Although it may be tempting, backing up without disconnecting your tow bar can cause damage to your motorhome, the tow bar, and your vehicle.

How Do I Know Which Tow Bar To Buy?

Tow bars come in various classes or weight ratings. The tow bar you select should be rated to tow more than the weight of the vehicle you plan to flat tow. Additionally, you need to choose a tow bar with a receiver that fits your hitch size, typically either 2″ or 2.5″.

How Do I Install A Tow Bar?

Each Blue Ox tow bar includes installation and operation instructions. A link to these instructions is also available on each tow bar’s product page on the Blue Ox website.

Flat Towing

Most RVers prefer flat towing, but what is flat towing? Flat towing is pulling a vehicle with all four wheels down. Why is it preferred by Rvers? When traveling in an RV, once you reach your destination, having a separate vehicle gives you the versatility and freedom to explore without having to disconnect and use your motorhome as a daily driver when needing to go somewhere. It is so nice to have a small vehicle to run to the store or go out to eat. Towbars are quick and easy to connect and disconnect, and the equipment required takes up very little room.

So, what vehicles can be flat towed, and how do you determine if your car is one of them? Check out Motorhome magazine or You also can check your owner’s manual for information on flat towing.

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Flat Towing a Car

A compact or subcompact car is one of the smaller and more lightweight vehicles you can flat tow behind your RV. There are tons of benefits to choosing to bring along a car like the Chevy Sonic or Ford Focus. You aren’t flat towing an overly heavy vehicle like an SUV or truck, but you still get the convenience of having a car with you to go out and explore.

Flat Towing a 4×4

A 4×4 like the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular vehicles for flat towing. They are great to have along on your RV trip because they are ready for any offroad adventures, a big plus for those who like to travel off the beaten path. The Jeep Wrangler is easily flat towed, and once you’re ready to drive it around, you can remove the top or doors for a better outdoor experience.

Flat Towing an SUV

If you have a bigger crew along on your RV trip and need some additional room when using your flat tow vehicle, an SUV might be the best option. They are spacious, with additional room for whatever you need to stow in the back, like groceries, a cooler, chairs, and more.

Flat Towing a Truck

When you choose to flat tow a truck, you get the benefit of tons of cargo room in the bed while still having the ability to zip around town, see the sights, or go off-road. Depending on the weight, towing a truck can also give you the ability to carry a golf cart to use while at the campground.

Benefits of Flat Towing

While you can tow just about any vehicle behind your RV if you use a tow dolly or a four-wheeled trailer, there are many downsides to these methods. There is a cost associated with purchasing and maintaining a trailer or tow dolly. Additionally, there is a need for storage space for these large pieces of equipment at home and at the campsite when not in use, as well as the extra effort required to get the towed car on and off them.


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